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Facts and FAQs

Why is this sales tax needed?

Simply, all other budget options have been exhausted. The Mesa County Commissioners have made significant cuts to other departments to help make up the shortfall, but there isn’t enough money being generated to meet the current public safety needs of Mesa County.

Why a sales tax and not a property tax?

Property taxes are only applied to property owners in the county, while a sales tax will spread the burden of the tax across individuals who visit, or are passing through Mesa County and often require law enforcement services. Visitors to events like Country Jam and hunters who get lost in the woods all use the services of the Mesa County Sheriff.

How much is the sales tax and what will be taxed?

It is .37% which equals 37 cents on every $100 purchased or just over $3.00 a month (just over a dime a day) for an average household in Mesa County.

Items like gas, groceries and prescriptions will not be taxed.

Who benefits from the Public Safety Sales Tax?

The Public Safety Sales Tax will benefit all public safety agencies in Mesa County:

Mesa County Sheriff | Mesa County District Attorney | Central Orchard Mesa FD | Clifton FD | Collbran Marshall | DeBeque FD | DeBeque Marshall | East Orchard Mesa FD | Fruita PD | Gateway FD | Lands End Response Team | Lower Valley FD | Plateau Valley FD | Palisade PD | Palisade FD | Grand Junction PD | Grand Junction FD

What will Mesa County do with the money raised?

  • Hire more deputies and district attorneys to fight crime and prosecute criminals.
  • Proactive policing and prosecution efforts focused on crime reduction.
  • Additional equipment and training to ensure that law enforcement officers are prepared and equipped to deal with violent criminals.